Statement in House on US tariffs

My statement in the House of Commons today:

Ms. Cheryl Hardcastle (Windsor—Tecumseh, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I rise on behalf of at least 50,000 workers employed directly by the steel and aluminium industries and the communities that rely directly and indirectly on their income.

It is incumbent on the government to work with the U.S. to get a permanent exemption to these tariffs. Canadians know they have been imposed on us as an unfair bullying tactic to influence the renegotiation of NAFTA. We know Donald Trump has used national security as an excuse for these tariffs. 

Now he is threatening our auto workers with his tariffs, jobs my community depends on, and members. A recent TD economics report tells of 160,000 job losses, mostly in Ontario.

The Liberal government must stand up for Canadian workers and act on national strategies the NDP has been calling for for years. The strength of our country depends on the strength of our communities. Our workers are that strength. We need to be their backbone now more than ever.